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Rai is one of those sweet little girls who lost in their starving days and nights due to poverty and left their dreams, studies and possibilities behind. In our society, this 'Rai' is numerous, Rai is not just a child; she is the representative of all those people who undergo from the normal life due to the circumstances. 'Rai' is the inspiration from which the overall idea comes and from there at first the idea of "Rai Foundation" came to our mind in 2017.

Rai is a representative of disadvantaged backward and indigenous society who could not be suppressed in darkness by the cobweb of superstition, stagnation and dysfunction. Rai Foundation has other aspects of development for indigenous society. Through its study of culture, its training and its manifestation throughout the state, this community will bring a mental movement among the people. On the other hand, if this extinct indigenous folk culture comes in front of the world, this will increase the morale of this community. This will also save them from the untowardness. Hands-on trainings will help to expand the cottage industry as well as indigenous mothers and daughters will find their way of earning. In this way Rai Foundation's only goal is to develop society and overall development of our country.

RAI Foundation

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